AC Peregrine: A great mid-season red skinned potato with a white creamy flesh. It is more resistant to cooking discoloration than the earlier Norland variety.


Bintje: A very popular variety in Europe since its introduction around 1910, Binjte has not yet gained as much fame in Canada and the US. This pale yellow skinned and yellow fleshed potato is excellent for boiling, baking, mashing, chipping and French fries.

Daisy Gold: A very versatile potato with tan coloured skin and bright yellow flesh.  A great all-purpose potato that makes awesome hash browns.


Eva: Eva has a bright white skin and white flesh.  It is especially well suited to home made chips, but also excellent for mashing or baking. 

Daisy Gold.jpg

Lady Amarilla: This mid-season yellow fleshed potato makes wonderful crispy golden home made French fries.  Also delicious as a late summer BBQ baker.

Pink Fir Apple.jpg

Pink Fir Apple: Originally from France, this variety has white and pink skin and a creamy waxy flesh.  It is an ideal salad potato.


Sangre: This beautiful smooth thick red skinned potato is great for baking and boiling.  As an early variety, it is also great as an early “new” potato.

Alaska Bloom.jpg

Yellow Finn: A wonderful late season tan skinned and waxy yellow fleshed variety.  This natural butterlike flavoured potato is great boiled, baked, fried or included in soups.

Agria: This is a great all-around potato with outstanding flavor.  It is excellent for baking, mashing, frying or roasting.  One of the tastiest French fry potatoes around.

Caribe: Caribe was developed in Canada, and has very dark blue skin with creamy white flesh that makes superb fluffy mashed potatoes.


Dakota Pearl: A good mid-season variety that has white skin and white flesh, medium sized with shallow eyes.  Dakota Pearl was originally developed for its chipping qualities, but is now a popular “round white” variety.

Fianna: A white skinned and white fleshed potato, Fianna is best suited for mashing, roasting and chipping.


Linzer: Officially known as the “Linzer Delicatesse”, this is a wonderful fingerling salad potato. White skinned, with white flesh. This one is a family favorite, often enjoyed grilled on the BBQ or in the oven!

Purple Viking.jpg

Purple Viking: This early season variety has a very unique and stunning purple with pink flecked skin and pure white flesh.  Versatile and adapts well to any cooking method.

Purple Viking.jpg

Sante: This variety makes excellent potato wedges and chips.  Also great for mashing, boiling or roasting.


Alaska Bloom: This early light yellow skinned variety has pinkish eyes that make a very attractive tuber.  Great for boiling and baking.


Carolina: An early season red skinned variety with bright white flesh. Excellent for boiling, baking or frying.


Elba: A very late season variety with large round tubers with buff skin, white flesh and exceptional flavor.  Best suited for boiling, roasting, baking and salads.

German Butterball.jpg

German Butterball: We’ve heard “this is my favorite potato” from more people than for any other variety.  German Butterball is excellent baked, mashed, fried or even in soups.  It has golden skin and deep yellow flesh.

Purple Peruvian.jpg

Norland: This versatile early red skinned potato has very white flesh.  Great for boiling and baking, it looks grwat in salads.


Red Pontiac: A very popular all-purpose red skinned potato with very sweet white flesh.  The thin skin adapts it well to the “new” potato designation.


Shepody: I long cylindrical dark skinned potato, Shepody has been described as having “freaky white” flesh.  An excellent potato for baking, boiling and French frying!


Alby’s Gold: Very similar to the German Butterball, but with a smoother and thinner skin.  Excellent any way they are prepared.


Colomba: Colomba is an early season light skinned and yellow fleshed potato.  Makes a great early “new” potato.

Albys Gold.jpg

Epicure: This ideal “new” potato has white skin and a creamy white flesh.  It is perfect for boiling or steaming.


Goldrush: A staple in many households.  Goldrush has a russet-like skin and very white flesh. It is a great potato for baking, boiling and French frying.  Our family favorite for fries.

Russet Burbank.jpg

Ozette: A very old heritage potato with roots going back hundreds of years to South America, it has a thin tan coloured skin with deep set eyes and a firm and creamy white flesh. A very rare variety that is not typically grown commercially.


Burbank Russet: A great late season potato, these russets are known for their size, and the fact that they make delicious baked potatoes.  This is the one that made Idaho famous.


Warba: An authentic “new” potato grown predominantly in BC until recently.  Delicious when steamed and topped with butter and a little salt.  Enjoy!